For the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will shepherd them
and lead them to living fountains of waters. And God will wipe away
every tear from their eyes.
Rev 7:17
I used to have frequent bouts of excruciating headaches that would last as long as three days and nights. But Jesus healed me through one session of prayer ministry! Now, I am free from these headaches! No longer do I need panadol to relieve my pain. Thank you Jesus. (S.S.)
In the past, whenever I faced difficult situations, I would contemplate death because I felt trapped. It seemed like there was no way out and it was the end of the world. This belief system paralysed my ability to view life in the right perspective. After Jesus dealt with this faulty perception, the desire to self-destruct left me. I do not flirt with death any more, but face difficult situations with courage and strength from God. (J.A.)

Before inner healing, I had serious issues in terms of the way I related to my parents. It was very difficult for me to converse with my father and it was also very challenging to see eye-to-eye with my over-protective/controlling mother in many ways.

Through the sessions, the Lords love enabled me to forgive my parents for conceiving me out of wedlock and freed my heart to love them as who they are. Since then, something broke in the spiritual realm and the atmosphere in the house started to feel genuine and warm. Miraculously, my anti-Christian parents actually attended a Christian concert just a week ago!

Through inner healing, the Lord has also helped me to break off many difficult challenges that has plagued me for years C wrong perceptions of God, inferiority complex, inability to face myself, detest for Chinese culture, emotional dependency on relationships other than God Himself, and many more. With the passing of each new day, I stand amazed at how the Lord is working in my life C to free me to become who He has created me to be and to be deeper in love with Him. (A.A.)

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